i was born and raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland after my parents fled iran in light of the revolution. i grew up in a small one bedroom apartment with 10 of my relatives. i was too young to understand the financial issues my parents were facing, so i just thought my life was a big family sleepover. i'd sneak around the house at night and see what i could do without waking anyone up. Living in a space like that made me want to pretend. i think that's where i get my creativity.

i graduated from American University in December 2017 with a BA in Film & Media Arts and a minor in Business Administration. i currently work as a Content Producer/ Director/ Editor at Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA.

Previous clients include Capitol Records, NBC4-Washington, MTVU, Sofar Sounds, Beyond Studios, and interface Media Group.


The Sound of Dreaming

The Sound of Dreaming

Episode 3: You Wanna Be In My Movie?

Arshum Rouhanian sits down with Sara Fernandez to talk about his experiences as a rising filmmaker, what inspires him, and his upcoming projects.

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